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About Frances Stone

An award winning recent graduate of the Royal School of Needlework Frances Stone experiments with pattern, style and design. Frances is a designer-maker who uses a traditional set of hand embroidery skills in a new innovative way. Inspired by architecture, pattern and geometrics, she produces visually spectacular hand embroidered interior accessories, her unique products are designed for high end luxury interiors. 

Influenced by rural and coastal surroundings, her work often borrows from the local flora, fauna and seascapes that formed part of her childhood. Based in the flourishing arts quarter of  Margate, Frances enjoys collaborating with local artists as she continues to develop her work holistically and in new directions. 

Frances thrives on using beautiful luxury materials within her sewing, using delicate metal wires, yarns, fabrics and threads. Her different collections includes a range of luxuriously embellished cushions and soft furnishings, using traditional techniques such as goldwork, crewel work, tambour, beading and white work. Each of these techniques represents the different texture and pattern with in her design work.  She recognises the current gap in the market for hand embroidered interior products and her work demonstrates a fresh and individual approach to client need. 

Frances is fully trained in the art of hand embroidery and she has worked for a number of different companies within the embroidery industry, such as Ann Carrington, Alexander McQueen and M Industry. Frances has worked with a range of high end clients and embroidered the wedding cape for Serena Williams and collaborated on the ETAUTZ project in 2018. She has won two significant industry awards; The Bradford Textile Commendation Award and more recently, The Hand and Lock Associate Award by the Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers (2019).

ABOUT: The Story

I am a recent Graduate of the Royal School of Needlework BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery 2019. Starting in the year of 2016 I learnt 8 different traditional hand embroidery techniques over the first two years, such as Goldwork, Advanced Goldwork, Crewelwork, Blackwork, Whitework, Canvas, Silk shading, Stumpwork.

Using these to experiment, create different designs and art works for interiors, fashion and textile art. In my final year i decided to go down the path of Interiors as I felt my natural handwriting combined with traditional interior furnishings complimented each other. 

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